SINCE 1935
We have been making Ravioli & Egg Noodles from the same store on E 187th Street Bronx, New York since 1935.

In the early 1900s Lindo and Maria Borgatti took a chance, packed their suitcases and boarded a ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean leaving their home in Bologna, Italy but taking with them something precious—Maria’s family recipes.

After working many various jobs from Boston to New York, Lindo and Maria were finally able to save enough and open a small family business selling fresh Ravioli and Egg Noodles on East 187th Street in The Bronx using recipes Maria brought from home. But they did not do it alone. At the time they had 6 sons who were helping with the business.

On an eventful day of November 28th, 1935 Lindo and Maria not only celebrated opening their brand-new store but also the marriage of their son George, who wed Mary, across the street at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.

One of their sons, Mario, was just graduating from high school when he started working at the store. He learned the in’s and out’s of the business and how to make our famous ravioli. At the time, you could get 100 small ravioli for one dollar. Mario would go on to inherit Borgatti’s and introduced new products like some of our staple specialty flavors of pasta, including, Spinach, Tomato, Carrot, and Whole Wheat. Mario, like many others at the time, served in World War II on a cargo ship called the USS Prentiss. Other than his time spent in service, Mario worked at Borgatti’s until his late 90s. Even when he retired from pasta making, you would find Mario at the store until he passed in 2014.

Mario married Erma Contento, in 1943, and they had five children together, seven grandchildren, all of whom have worked in the store, and three great-grandchildren.



Today, Chris Borgatti is the third-generation pasta maker in his family. After high school, Chris noticed his father, Mario, could use a hand continuing the business and began to work full time in the store. Growing up in the store and helping his dad allowed him to learn the skills that are necessary to making his families recipes.

Chris and Mario were not alone in their pasta making endeavors. In 1988 Chris married Joan, who would become part of this story. Working side by side, they continue the traditional ways of the pasta business from Mario. When you visit Borgatti’s you are likely to find Chris and now, his son, the 4th generation in a continuous state of pasta making.

Although traditions may live on, times are constantly changing, so we’ve brought Borgatti’s online. Families want to keep the tradition of Borgatti’s pasta at their dinner tables alive. Our family and your family are joined by what we make.

Borgatti’s, like many other specialty shops in the neighborhood, produces a handmade product to an ever-growing customer base.

Though production has dramatically increased over the last decade, the quality remains outstanding, as recognized by Zagat’s Marketplace Survey, which recently awarded Borgatti’s a 29 of 30 for quality.


Borgatti’s has been featured on Food Network shows, including Sara’s Secrets and The Secret Life of… Pasta. You can also see Borgatti’s and the rest of the neighborhood on the Public Broadcasting special, A Walk Through the Bronx, hosted by David Hartman and Barry Lewis. Borgatti’s has also been featured on BuzzFeed’s Tasty, Grow with Google, Business Insider, Forbes, Better Homes & Gardens, Westchester Magazine, Epicurious and many other publications.



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