As part of our Customer Service commitment, Borgatti’s stands behind our products, and we want you to be as happy with them as the vast majority of our customers have been for over 80+ years.

We do our best to minimize product breakage in transit; however, if your item(s) and/or package(s) arrive damaged, contact must be made within 48 hours to notify us from the date the package was marked delivered by the shipping carrier.

If your item(s) and/or package(s) are damaged or not to satisfaction, photos are required for any return of funds or for online store credit.

We reserve the right to limit refunds and replacements.

Borgatti’s will not be held liable:
— If your package arrives within the 2-day shipping window confirmed by the shipping carrier, and you do not have photos or proof of damages to the item(s) and/or package(s).
— For incorrect shipping addresses provided on the order confirmation and invoice.
— For items that differ from the provided order confirmation and invoice.
— For products that are “not to your liking” due to the wide range of personal taste preferences and food likes/dislikes.

Non-perishable items, such as dried fettuccine, will only be refunded or issued online store credit if you have photo proof of the destroyed product. As a non-perishable item, it is unaffected by shipping delays.

Please freeze the perishable products immediately upon receipt. Products must remain frozen until they are ready to be consumed. Failure to report spoilage within 48 hours of receiving the order will be at the loss of the consumer.